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Tony Stark
File:Favicon.icoFile:Get a Special Look at Marvel's "Avengers Age of Ultron"File:IM-Attack on Tony Stark 0.png
File:IM-Attack on Tony Stark 1.pngFile:IM-Attack on Tony Stark 2.pngFile:IM-Bagram Air Base.png
File:IM-Ceasars Palace award.pngFile:IM-Christine Everheart & Pepper Potts 0.pngFile:IM-Christine Everheart & Tony Stark 0.png
File:IM-Christine Everheart & Tony Stark 1.pngFile:IM-Christine Everheart & Tony Stark 2.pngFile:IM-Happy & Pepper Potts.png
File:IM-Howard & Maria Stark Die.pngFile:IM-Howard Stark.pngFile:IM-Howard Stark & young Tony Stark.png
File:IM-Iron Man 0.pngFile:IM-Iron Man 1.pngFile:IM-Iron Man 2.png
File:IM-Iron Man 3.pngFile:IM-Iron Man 4.pngFile:IM-Iron Man 5.png
File:IM-Iron Man 6.pngFile:IM-Iron Man 7.pngFile:IM-James Rhodes & Tony Stark 0.png
File:IM-James Rhodes & Tony Stark 1.pngFile:IM-James Rhodes & Tony Stark 2.pngFile:IM-James Rhodes & Tony Stark 3.png
File:IM-James Rhodes 0.pngFile:IM-James Rhodes 1.pngFile:IM-James Rhodes 2.png
File:IM-Malibu Mansion 0.pngFile:IM-Malibu Mansion 1.pngFile:IM-Mark 1 Armor.png
File:IM-Mark 1 Design.pngFile:IM-Nick Fury.pngFile:IM-Obediah Stan armor 1.png
File:IM-Obediah Stane.pngFile:IM-Obediah Stane & James Rhodes.pngFile:IM-Obediah Stane & Ten Rings.png
File:IM-Obediah Stane & Tony Stark 0.pngFile:IM-Obediah Stane & Tony Stark 1.pngFile:IM-Obediah Stane armor 0.png
File:IM-Pepper Potts & Phil Coulson.pngFile:IM-Pepper Potts & Tony Stark 0.pngFile:IM-Pepper Potts & Tony Stark 1.png
File:IM-Pepper Potts & Tony Stark 3.pngFile:IM-Pepper Potts & Tony Stark 4.pngFile:IM-Pepper Potts & Tony Stark 5.png
File:IM-Pepper Potts & Tony Stark 6.pngFile:IM-Pepper Potts & Tony Stark 7.pngFile:IM-Pepper Potts 1.png
File:IM-Pepper Potts 2.pngFile:IM-Stark Industries weapons.pngFile:IM-Ten Rings Leader.png
File:IM-Ten Rings hiding place.pngFile:IM-Theatrical release poster.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark & James Rhodey on plane 0.png
File:IM-Tony Stark & James Rhodey on plane 1.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark 0.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark 1.png
File:IM-Tony Stark 10.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark 2.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark 3.png
File:IM-Tony Stark 4.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark 5.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark 6.png
File:IM-Tony Stark 7.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark 8.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark 9.png
File:IM-Tony Stark Ten Rings.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark arriving on Bagram Air Base.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark in Ceasars Palace.png
File:IM-Tony Stark on Bagram Air Base 0.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark on Bagram Air Base 1.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark on Bagram Air Base 2.png
File:IM-Tony Stark with electromagnet.pngFile:IM-Tony Stark young.pngFile:IM-Yinsen & Tony Stark 0.png
File:IM-Yinsen & Tony Stark 1.pngFile:IM-Yinsen & Tony Stark 2.pngFile:IM-Yinsen 0.png
File:IM-Yinsen 1.pngFile:Marvel's "Avengers Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer (OFFICIAL)File:Pepper Potts & Tony Stark 2.png
File:Pepper Potts 0.png

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